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An additiona lInnoPlant objective is to improve the diffusion of research results and the visibility of the research partnership between INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Reaearch) and FN3PT (French Federation of Seed Potato Growers) in the areas of seed potato health, varietal improvement, and strategies to ensure sustainable and competitive production, by:

Improving the communication concerning InnoPlant and by the diffusion of research results to:

  • Improve the transfer of the results to producers;
  • Increase the visibility of the French seed potato industry in terms of quality and know-how;
  • Trigger new collaboration or research projects;
  • Disseminate research results beyond the InnoPlant group by giving joint scientific papers at conferences or publishing joint papers in recognized scientific journals, publishing new detection tests, molecular markers, decision support systems, patents, and by providing services to companies.