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Governance and management

InnoPlant board


Internal coordination

An annual meeting brings together all researchers and engineers involved in InnoPlant and the managers (or their representatives) of partner organizations. The objectives of the meeting are to review the progress of the working program and its future development, to prepare reports, disseminate research results and prepare new projects.

 InnoPlant working groups are responsible for monitoring the projects and actions that are part of the program as well as for transversal actions including communication.

The InnoPlant Technical Advisory Committee

The InnoPlant Technical Advisory Committee makes recommendations concerning the research program and its implementation together with the dissemination of research results. It is composed of representatives of the FN3PT and its EPR (Regional organizations), INRA, GNIS, ACVNPT, ANSES, Arvalis, France-Obtention, the Ministry of agriculture as well as researchers and the board of I nnoPlant.


The first progress meeting is planned for 2014.