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Do you want to know everything, or almost everything, about Potato virus Y (PVY)?

PVY book cover Springer
A book has just been published by Springer containing the data acquired over several decades on the PVY and presenting also the latest advances (published and unpublished).

It was written by experts of the PVY/potato pathosystem, including Laurent Glais (FN3PT / UMT InnoPlant) and coming from different countries, backgrounds, and members of the PVYwide-organization consortium.

Thanks to the comprehensiveness of the information presented, the covered subjects and the quality of the illustrations, this book addresses a wide audience interested in virology, ranging from the most experienced to the less experienced, to students but also to people closer to the agronomic industry (producers, agronomists), politicians, institutional bodies.

It is divided into 9 chapters covering most of the research done on the PVY. You will find information about :

  • the process of infection of the plant,
  • the diversity of the PVY,
  • its evolution between yesterday and today,
  • the detection and diagnosis of PVY,
  • its transmission, control and management in different countries,
  • PVY/potato interactions in relation to resistance and host barrier.

To obtain this book, please visit this site: :

Contact: Laurent Glais