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The new Joint Technical Unit InnoPlant² recently agreed!

The Joint Technological Unit (UMT) InnoPlant² has recently been recertified by the Ministry of Agriculture for 5 years, on the basis of a new project for the period 2018-2022.

Initially agreed in 2012, InnoPlant² associates the FN3PT and Inra-Igepp, in cooperation with Gnis, ACVNPT and ITAB.

What are the aims and the working program ?

The ambition of InnoPlant² is to implement a collaborative program on "Developing innovations to consolidate the quality and the competitiveness of certified seed potatoes produced in France, facing global changes and of users’ new needs". InnoPlant2 is resulting from the will of FN3PT and Inra to strengthen their collaborations.

This ambition is based on a working program which is organized around five thematic domains:

  • Assessment and management of sanitary risks
  • Genetics and varietal innovation
  • Digital and innovative tools for seed potato crop management
  • Innovation in crop management systems
  • Transfer, communication and training

InnoPlant2 will go on some points of the former program but new challenges such as digital technologies and decision supported systems, integrated crop management, prospective will be integrated. Communication and training activities will also be reinforced.

We will also promote partnership around shared stakes and research and innovation concerted actions.

To carry on this project, a team with varied skills

InnoPlant² benefits from the synergy of skills in genetics and phytopathology and a well-established general expertise on technical questions throughout the seed potato sector. It is located in the Inra-Igepp locations of le Rheu and Ploudaniel in Brittany. Its vocation is also to associate other partners around R&D project on seed potatoes.

Contacts :

  • Yves Le Hingrat- FN3PT -
  • Marie-Claire Kerlan – INRA Ploudaniel -
  • Didier Andrivon - INRA Le Rheu -

The working program, actions and results will be communicated on the website.